Michael's Harbour


" (pop. 1986, 89). A fishing and lumbering community, located on the western shore of the entrance to Brunt Bay in the Bay of Exploits. St. Michael's Island, from which the community takes its name, is just off shore.

Lumber companies began exploiting timber reserves in the Michael's Harbour area in the early 1900s, particularly at nearby Campbellton. When the community record first appeared in the 1901 Census, six people reported their employment as lumbering. Over the years residents supplemented their livelihood by fishing, farming and hunting, but lumbering remained the principal source of employment. In 1960 most residents were employed in the sawmills at Campbellton.

The community's population (35 in 1901) remained stable until 1971, when 116 people were reported. The sudden growth experienced throughout the area coincided with the development of Lewisporte as the regional service centre. In 1951 a road connecting Lewisporte with surrounding communities was build and workers who chose to settle at Michael's Harbour could commute the thirteen miles to Lewisporte daily.

Michael's Harbour was settled mainly by people from various parts of Notre Dame Bay and White Bay. The predominantly Methodist population had built their first church by 1911 and a school by 1921. The community's denominational makeup did not change until the mid-1930s, when both the Salvation Army and Pentecostal Assemblies arrived. Children from integrated denominations began attending school in Campbellton in the late 1960s, while Pentecostal children beyond the elementary grades went to school in Lewisporte. Family names in Michael's Harbour in 1990 were Baldwin, Frost, Harnett, Layden, Lush, Manuel, Pomeroy, Snow and Stroude."

Sources of information: Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador, Volume Three, pages 530-531, 1991 Used with Permission
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