Quality Daily Physical Activity
We cha-cha, we slide, we stretch, we jump! There's lots of activity going on here.
chacha again!.JPG
chacha again!
chacha time.JPG
chacha time
everybody clap your hands.JPG
everybody clap your hands
everybody stretch.JPG
everybody stretch
excited about QDPA.JPG
excited about QDPA
hands on your hips.JPG
hands on your hips
hands on your knees, hands on your knees!.JPG
hands on your knees, hands on your knees!
running on the spot.JPG
running on the spot
stretch it out.JPG
stretch it out
the fearless leaders.JPG
the fearless leaders
the grade sevens get limber.JPG
the grade sevens get limber
time to cool down.JPG
time to cool down
what do we do next.JPG
what do we do next
what's going on here.JPG
what's going on here