Grade 5


The grade 5 class is full of stand-up people, so they stood up for a few photos!

Grade 5 Pictures!
Ms. Mercer made sure to take lots of pictures of her class this year.  Here are a few of them!
Social Studies Research Project 

1) Choose one of the following topics to research:

 2) Content

 3) Where to find information?

Social Studies textbook
Internet (Ms. Mercer has provided some links below)
Other library books

French and English at War Early English and French Settlements World War I World War II Resettlement
A Century of Armed Conflict in Newfoundland

The English Fishery and Trade in the 18th Century

The Cupids Colony and John Guy

Early Newfoundland Settlement

Early Settlement of Newfoundland - 1000 to 1662

French Presence in Newfoundland
The Causes of World War I

Wikipedia - World War I

Newfoundland and the Great War

Newfoundlanders and Labradorians in World War II

Wikipedia - World War II

World War II Summary

"No Great Future" - Government Sponsored Resettlement

Government Game

The Resettlement Program

Looking for information about the Aboriginal Peoples that populated this area?  Try the links below!

The students researched one of the following animals:  

Robin Beluga Whale Rabbit Sparrow
Loon Lynx Grouse         Moose      
Salmon Squirrel Bat Red Fox
Pine Marten Beaver Puffin Frog
These links will help them with their research.

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