Grade 7

The Grade 7 class is the biggest class in school!

St. John's Trip Pictures!  Students are invited to bring in their own pictures from the trip to Ms. Abbott, and they'll be added to the site as quickly as possible.  Check back in a day or two for more pictures!!!

The Grade 7 Home Ec class did a little cooking this week.  Click here to see the pictures (courtesy of Mrs. Hill).
Catch Me Once, Catch Me Twice - Students are currently working on a research project based on this novel.  They have chosen a topic, ranging from World War II to cars or clothes of the era, and they are working on finding information on their topic.  The links below will help them get started.


Links, links, links.  Check them out below.

Underground to Canada
The links below will help students understand the issues of slavery and freedom tha are presented in the novel.

Home Ec:

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