Sept. 26, 2006




Dear Parent/Guardian


By now your child has brought home the new menu for 2006/2007.There have been some changes regarding the menu items that are available to the children. Due to the concern of nutritional eating in our schools the government along with the catering company and a dietitian has made the changes.


We will be serving Benís Smart Bread which is white.Whole wheat breads are still available.†† Items that are no longer available are Garlic Fingers (only on the day that it is served in a combo), Poutine and Breaded Chicken Fingers and Nuggets.We are serving non-breaded chicken strips.


We will be serving oven baked fries on Tuesdays and Fridaysunless they are served with the daily combo.Hotdogs are available daily.Grilled Cheese Sandwiches are available daily if they are pre-ordered at recess time.


Children can pre-order their lunch if they wish.††† For children in Grades 1 to 3 send along a note with the money and ask them to give it to Michelle at the canteen recess time.Children in Grades 4 to 9 can let me know recess time at the canteen downstairs.


There are five combos that we are willing to have available every day to accommodate children that only like certain things.These combos MUST be pre-ordered at recess time. (1) Pizza, Fries/Side Salad and Milk/Juice, (2) Hamburger, Fries/Side Salad and Milk/Juice, (3) Soup, Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Milk/Juice, (4) Wrap, Chicken Noodle Soup and Milk/Juice and(5) Garlic Fingers, Side Chicken Caesar Salad and Milk/Juice.††† Our daily food items that are available are listed on the menu your child brought home.


If your child is planning to buy their lunch on a particular day please encourage them to try our new menu items.Many of the choices are very healthy and nutritious.


If you have any questions concerning anything on the menu please feel free to call me at home.My phone number is 261-2143.


Sincerely yours



Bonnie Mills

Cafeteria Supervisor